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Wholesale Tea

Wholesale Tea

Wholesale Tea

Wholesale Tea {In The USA}

Eastern Countries such as China, Japan, India, Taiwan, and Indonesia produce the majority of the worlds’ tea supply.  These nations export more tea combined than any other country in the world.  Although, wholesale tea production has now grown by suppliers in Africa, they mostly produce Rooibos and Honeybush.  Camelia Sinensis is grown by the top 5 and is still the staple of wholesale tea consumed throughout the world.

The world of tea is large.  In fact, type the word tea into Google and you’ll find close to 1 billion searches!  It would be safe to say that tea is one of the largest commodities in the world.  Even though nations and importers throughout the world will provide more than just Wholesale Tea, they also are suppliers of wholesale tea bags, wholesale teapots, wholesale gift boxes and many kinds of gift sets containing tea, wholesale tea accessories, and more.

There are many suppliers from many countries.  Some are Brokers, some Manufacturers, some growers, and some importers and exporters.  All of which are involved in the commerce of tea and tea related products.  Alibaba among many wholesale and manufacturing websites provide information about wholesale tea.  Be very, very careful what company you choose to do business with, however. There are many companies and individuals waiting to take advantage of the import novice.  In fact, the best advice you’ll ever hear about importing from a foreign country is to “stay local” for your first wholesale purchases.

Most of the wholesale tea companies in the USA, for example, have already tried their hand at the import game…probably more than once.  They have farms or manufacturing facilities already.  They know the intricacies of importing goods, the tariffs imposed by governments, the logistics companies that are reliable, and the food brokers that will drain your bank account if you let them.  All these are learned areas of importing wholesale goods into the USA. A wide variety of wholesale tea items are available and relatively simple to acquire in America on the internet. Although you may find export companies from all the nations of the world, the accessibility of “foreign” countries is best left to those that already know what to do.

Fresh wholesale tea is relatively easy to find on the internet.  Just type “wholesale tea” or “wholesale blooming tea” for example and you’ll find many companies right at your fingertips.  Make sure you ferret out the ones with tea available in the USA.  The majority will be overseas and you don’t really want to deal with them.  Unless, of course, you want to get “burned” a few times before you find somebody reputable.

Items such as gourmet tea bags are readily available from a wholesale tea supplier waiting to print your brand name upon the label.  Of course, you’ll have to buy a very large volume of tea in order for that to happen.  However, the tea bag market has a full listing of names and variations for you to sample. Wholesale tea was not available 7 years ago, but the industry has grown far beyond green tea and breakfast teas to African Rooibos blends and tutti-frutti dream tea. Now we see a variety of companies creating an even larger number of options in every facet of the wholesale tea market. Packaging, marketing, and labeling are as varied as the automobiles that Detroit used to produce during their heyday.

As for the tea itself, there are a multitude of tea variations, besides just Green tea and Ceylon Black, or Orange Pekoe teabags. There are high quality wholesale loose leaf teas too. And, some are flavored with flowers and herbs like Jasmine Green Tea, a huge seller. Many kinds of Rooibos blends, and perhaps the most popular herbal tea, Lemongrass, are just a few examples of wholesale tea sold throughout the world.

In the tea bag world, there are few variations with the machine packaged and stapled standard, which are heavily dominating in the wholesale tea market. Generally containing a low quality tea dust, these bags focus more on price than quality.  America is full of them in every Supermarket in every corner of the country.  These are the bottom of the tea barrel as for as quality tea is concerned.

Another design that is available is a pyramid shaped teabag. The quality of the tea is generally higher than the standard bleached teabag, better for your health, and the loose tea inside is usually a better grade of tea.  Since you can see through the silky structure to the tea contained inside, tea dust and poor quality is easily discovered.  The hand sewn pyramid teabag is much more appealing and better all around.

With the many variables available in both tea blend and tea bag manufacturing, wholesale tea is a prime example of how with the growth of communication and transportation, business opportunities are as easy to find as typing wholesale tea into Google.  With a little luck and some keen research, a new tea entrepreneur looking to open a teashop or online business could easily find a wholesale tea supplier.

After you create your account, the prices will populate and you’re in business.  The best part about it is you can elect to use your own shipping account.  Although our prices are wholesale, this is where the real savings comes in.

Wholesale Tea